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The impact of Brexit on regulation in the life sciences sector

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee's inquiry into "Life Sciences and the Industrial Strategy" is fascinating.  Last week they heard from Ian Hudson, chief executive of the MHRA, who revealed that "the UK has led 25% to 30% of the whole work of the European network over the years".   Whether the EU will accept the UK's offer of ongoing collaboration on the medicine and healthcare regulation front remains to be seen (the Brexit discussions have a way to go to reach that issue), but Ian's comments to the Committee that "we must be careful of burdens on industry and ensure that industry is supported to be able to bring forward new, safe products" and that if the UK government's proposal of ongoing collaboration is not accepted that: (i) the MHRA is actively looking at alternatives; and (ii) in doing so "We are very conscious that we do not want to increase burdens on industry", are very welcome.  Indeed, some of the options mentioned included accelerating the review process - a boon for patent protection!

The House of Lords is hearing from companies and regulators today on issues including the government’s life sciences strategy and Brexit’s impact on the industry


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