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Do you know the top 10 most popular m-Health apps?

The m-Health market will reach approx. $ 26 billion globally by 2017 with a number of m-Health apps downloaded worldwide of about 3.2 billion downloads in 2016. Why are they so popular?

Apps and vendors are listed in alphabetical order.

AirStrip, AirStripOB/Cardiology 

Aetna, ITriage Cerner, 

CareAware Connect 

DSS Inc.

Epic Systems, MyChart Mobile 

GetWellNetwork, Marbella 

MEDITECH, Ambulatory EHR 


PatientSafe, PatientTouch System 

Spok, Spok Mobile

Mobile apps allow providers to effectively streamline communication between patients, providers, and their caregivers and allows for 24/7 management of a patient’s condition along with the ability to personalize healthcare per patient. Apps provide organizational incentives for adoption such as reduced costs in workflow management. Providers leverage mobiles apps as a secure platform to manage and access important healthcare data without compromising the security of data. The top 10 healthcare mobile app vendors includes interoperable platforms, secure two-way messaging, and patient-provider interactivity based on data gathered from Definitive Healthcare.


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