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Cortex - Life Sciences Insights

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BREXIT and the impact on the Life Sciences industry

With trade terms still unfinalised, stockpiling of medicines and the sourcing of alternative transportation and routes has become a stark reality. Contingency planning for a no-deal Brexit is in motion but efforts need to be stepped up to provide certainty to businesses and the public and ensure that Britain does not lose the benefit of connectivity to the European regulatory network. This article considers the contingency measures being implemented, the challenges faced by the life sciences sector in light of Brexit but notes there are still signs of investment in Scotland in particular - all may not be lost!

Efforts need to be stepped up to ensure continued connectivity to the European regulatory network and to realise the Life Sciences Scotland 2025 vision to increase jobs and double sector turnover to £8 billion. Businesses need to be alive to legislative changes and how these will impact business models, commercialisation strategies, supply chains and fulfilment of existing contracts.


brexit and tech, legal, health, healthcare