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Cannabis Europa

Last week was the 2nd annual Cannabis Europa here in London.  Over two days there were a number of fantastic discussions around, inter alia, the future of medical cannabis across Europe and investment opportunities; the UK government's approach to cannabis regulation and legalisation (and whether they took the correct approach under the current legislation) and patient access across Europe and whether it is currently working under the existing frameworks.  Delighted to be part of the conference and looking forward to the next.

Widening access to medical cannabis for patients, and how to go about it, will be central to the discussion at Cannabis Europa, the conference at the heart of European Cannabis Week. Since legalisation in the UK in June last year, there has not been one reported NHS prescription for full-extract cannabis oil, because of reluctance within the medical establishment. Nonetheless, a private market has emerged to service dozens if not hundreds of wealthy patients, prompting outrage among campaigners.