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Spain: Leading country in the field of clinical trials

Last Thursday, May 20, Clinical Trials Day was celebrated all over the world. For the occasion, the National Business Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry established in Spain, "Farmaindustria", published statistics demonstrating that the collaborative work between the public and private sectors has made Spain a leading country in the field of clinical trials. In fact, Spain is ranked 4th in the world and 1st in Europe for conducting clinical trials in the fight against Coronavirus. Further information is available here.

Due to the commitment for research by innovative companies in all therapeutic areas, the record number of clinical trials authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices “AEMPS” has been successfully exceeded in 2020. Specifically, of the 1,019 trials approved, 34% corresponded to medicines to treat different types of cancer, followed by trials for Covid-19. This is a success for everyone and shows the strength of the Spanish clinical trial approach.

The pharmaceutical industry based in Spain promotes eight out of ten clinical trials and assigns 60% of all investment in R&D for new medicines to this field. Of the €1,211 million that was invested in 2019 - a historical maximum - more than €713 million was devoted to clinical trials, according to the latest R&D Activities Survey that Farmaindustria conducts each year among its associates. Additionally, of those €713 million invested in clinical trials, 36.5% correspond to early phases (I and II), which is a great impulse to place Spain as an international reference in the field of early clinical trials.

The most important aspect of this scenario is the increase in opportunities for patients. Today 145,000 patients are involved in the more than 3,400 clinical trials in progress in Spain. In addition to the value for patients, clinical trials involve an investment of resources in the healthcare system and contribute directly to improving its quality. The strength of the Spanish healthcare system, the high qualification of healthcare professionals, the growing involvement of patients and the strong commitment of pharmaceutical companies are some of the keys to this positive development.


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