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DLA Piper Report - The COVID-19 pandemic and the pharmaceutical and medical sector in Poland

Our report 'The COVID-19 pandemic and the pharmaceutical and medical sector in Poland' is the first that brings together the pharmaceutical and medical industries, presenting a picture of the current situation in the Polish market, predicting future trends, and proposing recommendations for actions in the Sector. It is based on the feedback from a survey conducted among industry experts.

The Survey was conducted during the so-called third wave of the pandemic. The respondents were DLA Piper's clients and business contacts from the pharmaceutical and medical sector, including producers of medicines, dietary supplements and medical devices, as well as healthcare service providers.

The first group of questions focused on the practical functioning of the Sector during the first 12 months of the pandemic. The second group of questions covered the changes that were anticipated by respondents in the operation of the Sector in the years that will follow the pandemic. The final part of the Survey asked respondents about the barriers to the development of the Sector and their suggestions for public policy to support its development.

The Survey focused on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on areas of significant importance to the pharmaceutical and medical sector in Poland, such as relations with medical professionals, clinical trials, reimbursement, organisation of the healthcare system, patient rights and product markets.

The responses paint a very interesting picture of how key market players see the current state of affairs and what actions they would like to see taken. For example, they suggest the decentralisation of the management of the Sector, they point to the lack of a strategy for its development, and they highlight the problem of focusing only on the COVID-19 pandemic to the detriment of other healthcare issues.


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