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Cortex - Life Sciences Insights

| 1 minute read

Is the UK the right home for life sciences startups?

I saw this recent article highlighting the need for the UK to create a much more supportive and sustainable environment for life sciences start-ups, particularly one that prevents them from “falling into the investment valley of death before realising their potential”. Couldn’t agree more! Appropriate funding and tax incentives from the government, as well as regulatory change, is absolutely key to ensuring that the UK is seen as an attractive home for innovative businesses to scale-up at pace.

In London, we’re seeing an increased presence of life sciences innovators, who would typically base themselves outside of the capital. With an increasingly large focus on HealthTech spurred on by the pandemic, it will be interesting to see how high-tech innovation hubs in Tech City (aka Silicon Roundabout) and the King’s Cross tech hub, work in parallel to the government to attract and support Healthtech startups. From a real estate perspective, we’ll also see these tech hubs become home to more “destination offices” as remote working becomes an every day reality for many businesses large and small.

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“Classically, companies in the UK have two years between their funding rounds. “An equivalent US company is doing three funding rounds and an IPO on the Nasdaq in that time as well as having four programmes operating, with one or two in clinical trials. “It’s a scale-up mentality which has a real urgency to it.”


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