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Cortex - Life Sciences Insights

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EU Pharma & Medical Device Regulation 2023

Our EU Life Sciences Regulatory team led by Marco de Morpurgo and Nicola Landolfi have produced a guide on EU Pharma & Medical Device Regulation on behalf of Lexology, that enables side-by-side comparison of local insights, including: 

  • regulatory framework; 
  • clinical practice; 
  • marketing authorisation; 
  • amending authorisations; 
  • recall; 
  • promotion; 
  • enforcement of advertising rules; 
  • pricing and reimbursement; 
  • off-label use and unlicensed products; 
  • sale and supply; and 
  • recent trends. 

Download the full guide here or for further information please speak with Marco or Nicola. 


regulation-devices, regulation-pharma