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AI Governance: Balancing Policy, Compliance and Commercial Value

This week our specialist AI team launched a fantastic new report on AI Governance. The report is based on an original survey of 600 leaders from across the US, UK, Europe, Asia Pac, and the Middle East. We asked participants how they’re adopting AI, what they’re planning to do in future and what concerns remain unaddressed. The report also includes a spotlight section on the Life Sciences sector on page 35, which may be of particular interest as it can give you an opportunity to benchmark your organisation against peers. Some key highlights for the sector include: 

  • Many Life Sciences companies are taking a hybrid approach to development – buying and building AI solutions rather than relying solely on AI vendors; 
  • Access to quality data is a top challenge named by life sciences companies; and
  • While most life sciences companies have an AI strategy and ethical code, relatively few are actually leveraging them to govern, guide and oversee AI activities. 

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