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Cortex - Life Sciences Insights

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AI Chatroom – conversational videos about the rapidly evolving legal landscape of AI

In this episode of DLA Piper’s video series AI ChatRoom, we focus on emerging issues in artificial intelligence and digital health.

This week, Kristi Kung, chair of DLA Piper’s Healthcare Regulatory practice – who is well known for her vast experience assisting healthcare industry stakeholders to evaluate, develop, and implement their digital health strategies – is joined by Keo Shaw, who advises life sciences, technology, and healthcare companies on regulatory issues presented by novel technologies.

Their conversation is part of AI ChatRoom, a captivating series of conversational videos created to help businesses understand the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence laws and regulations.

Please enjoy this episode, and, to learn more about evolving your organization’s AI governance and policies, please reach out to Danny Tobey

Watch video here