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| 1 minute read

Commission report finds active competition enforcement continues to contribute to affordable and innovative medicines

On 26 January 2024, the European Commission published a report providing an overview of the enforcement of EU antitrust and merger rules by the Commission and the EU national competition authorities in the pharmaceutical sector between 2018 and 2022. The report shows that active enforcement of antitrust and merger rules continues to play an important role in delivering European patients' access to a wider choice of affordable and innovative medicines. 

With respect to anti-competitive agreements and abuse of dominance, since 2018 the Commission and national competition authorities have:

  • adopted 26 decisions against anti-competitive practices in the supply of medicines, by imposing fines totalling over €780 million or making legally binding commitments offered by companies to remedy their anti-competitive behaviour; and
  • investigated more than 70 other cases, 40 of which were ultimately closed and 30 of which are currently ongoing.

The Commission reviewed more than 30 mergers in the pharmaceutical sector and found concerns in 5 cases. The competition authorities undertook 60 market monitoring and advocacy activities.

The authorities will continue their enforcement efforts in the pharmaceutical sector as a matter of high priority in view of its economic relevance and its impact on peoples' well-being and lives.

To access the press release and the report, click here.