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Cortex - Life Sciences Insights

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Inspirational Women in Life Sciences: Emilia Law

This week’s featured Inspirational Woman in Life Sciences is Emilia Law, Head of Legal for the Middle East and Africa at Novartis. She is joined by Celia Johnson-Morgan, an Associate in DLA Piper’s Litigation, Arbitration and Investigations Group, based in our Dubai office.

Emilia says: “My absolute favourite thing is developing people and managing a team - really finding out what people want to do with their careers, how they want to move forward, and trying to find ways to open those doors for them to allow them to develop in their roles - to provide new experiences.

Emilia underscores the necessity of maintaining enthusiasm and a sense of purpose throughout one’s career. She sees the increasing integration of digital tools and artificial intelligence not only as a catalyst for innovation in the field but also as a means to enhance work-life balance. Her optimism for the future is rooted in the belief that these advancements will continue to present new opportunities within the life sciences sector.

Next week in the IWD: Inspirational Women in Life Sciences Series 

This series features one inspirational woman working in the life sciences sector each week until May. The aim is to increase access and visibility of female role models in the Life Sciences sector: a recognised factor in increasing entry and retention of women in STEM fields.  

Please tune in for next week’s feature on Lisa LeCointe-Cephas.