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Cortex - Life Sciences Insights

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Inspirational Women In Life Sciences: Sarah Burns

This week’s featured Inspirational Women in Life Sciences is Sarah Burns, Medica’s UK Managing Director. 

Sarah is the very definition of an inspirational woman in life sciences – she demonstrates what it is to be incredibly passionate and successful, whilst also being your authentic self. In this interview Sarah shares some great insights into the amazing benefits of working in the Life Sciences space, what we can expect to see for telemedicine over the coming years, and what advice she would give to people starting out. 


For extracts of this interview please see below:


Why Life Sciences?

What do you love about working at Medica?

Tell us about some of your key achievements

What should we look forward to in the telemedicine space over the next 5-10 years?

What advice do you have for people that are inspired in the Life Sciences sector?


Next week in the IWD: Inspirational Women in Life Sciences Series 

This series features inspirational woman working in the life sciences sector with the aim of increasing access and visibility of female role models in the Life Sciences sector: a recognised factor in increasing entry and retention of women in STEM fields. 

Please tune in for next week’s feature.