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Northern Powerhouse going global

Tomorrow I will be on stage at 11 am discussing 'Growing Global' at the Northern Powerhouse Health Innovation Conference 2018. 

The first step in to International Markets can be like crossing the Rubicon. Key to successful International growth are:

  • setting the right strategy and timetable and obtain investor support
  • research target markets / customers; the opportunities and challenges
  • be ready to pursue opportunities that arise
  • due diligence potential partners
  • negotiate at maximum strength by ensuring your IPRs, people, technology and documentation are fully uptodate
  •  take legal advice early - it can prevent pitfalls and help you manage to budget and timetable.

This presentation will be interesting because a global strategy is an essential part of any Life Sciences / Healthcare Tech company's vision for the future. 

If you haven't already got a ticket, there is still time register

Please do tag me in any insights that you share during the event! @BonellaRamsay.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Our event will discuss the strengths of the regional cluster, and illustrate the supply chain and collaboration opportunities. With many companies in the health innovation space seeking opportunities beyond our borders, the conference will also identify priority markets for health innovation companies and hear why global giants are choosing to invest in the Northern Powerhouse.


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