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Clinical trials during the COVID-19 pandemic: A global guide

After weeks of intensive collaboration and inspiring contributions from more than 100 Life Sciences enthusiasts across five continents, we’re delighted to launch our global guide to managing clinical trials during the COVID-19 pandemic covering regulatory developments in more than 40 countries. The guide will be updated regularly. 

Special thanks to my colleagues Marco de Morpurgo, Nicola Landolfi, Anna Morozova and Marcin Sus!

COVID-19 is affecting the conduct of clinical trials globally. Pharmaceutical companies are facing several challenges in ensuring continuity of clinical trials on human medicines: from trial subjects’ difficulties accessing trial sites due to quarantine or local lockdown measures, across limited trial staff availability given the evolving prioritization of critical COVID-19 patient treatments, all the way to disruptions in the global supply chain causing constraints in the provision of investigational medicinal products (IMPs) to trial subjects. These challenges not only lead to difficulties in meeting the strict clinical trial protocol requirements, but also significantly delay the conduct of clinical trials and the market entry of innovative therapeutics, massively affecting the financials of companies undergoing the lengthy, costly and risky process of R&D.


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