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Further assurances welcomed

As further talks get underway in Europe, the need to provide clarity to employers and EU employees re-enters the spotlight.  Whilst the present uncertainty continues, employers will need to provide whatever reassurances they can to avoid an exodus of talent from their workforce.  Demonstrating a shared concern and commitment to supporting employees through these unsettling times will not go unnoticed and is one practical way that employers can offer their assistance.  The recent Life Sciences: Industrial strategy report by Sir John Bell states  “A migration system… that allows rapid recruitment and retention of highly skilled workers from the EU and beyond, and does not impede intra-company transfers.”

Business leaders have repeatedly called on ministers to end the anxiety facing EU nationals in Britain by making a unilateral guarantee that they will be able to stay in the country after the split with Brussels, regardless of the UK’s exit deal. However, Ms Rudd resisted giving any such assurances. She said that while it was “unthinkable” that EU citizens would be asked to leave the UK after Brexit, she could not offer them any guarantees about their immigration status while negotiations continue.


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