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Update: DLA Piper Global COVID-19 Vaccine Guide for Employers

DLA Piper’s Life Sciences team has updated our recent vaccine guide for employers. The changes include significant updates to several countries including Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Singapore, UK, and USA.

The vaccine guide provides insight for employers into local rules and requirements regarding workforce vaccinations. This area of law, guidance, and best practice is proving to be a rapidly developing one with no one-size-fits-all solution, particularly for multi-national employers due to the variability across territories. The associated risks, challenges, and benefits will differ depending on the profile of the workforce and the nuances of the business in question, such as its nature and location.

This document thereby sets out key considerations regarding vaccinations by highlighting some of the differences in risk around the world. Among these legal considerations are:

  • Risks of discriminatory litigation
  • Ability to incentivise employee vaccination
  • Disclosure of employee vaccination status
  • Approach to vaccines in countries where there is no government mandate
  • Implications for returning to the workplace

Comprised of complex and continuously evolving issues, the situation should be under constant review as vaccine programmes are rolled out, economies and borders reopen, and workers return to the workplace either on a full-time or hybrid basis.

Download our Global COVID-19 Vaccine Guide for Employers below:


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